Top Tips to Ace Standardized Tests

From The High School Exit Exam, to college admissions, and entrance into private schools, there is no escaping standardized testing, and there is no reason to! A test that scores your proficiency should not be seen as an insurmountable obstacle, but a chance to show your confidence and another opportunity to excel.

Here are three ways to shake off the nerves and get your best scores on standardized tests.

Understanding The Test

One of the best strategies is learning as much about the specific test in due time. Learn the structure of the test before you take it, so that during test day, there will be no surprises. Knowing where the test will be held, how many hours it will take, how many questions you need to answer, as well as the type of questions that will be asked will make you feel more confident during test day, helping you achieve better results.

Continual Practice

Along those lines, retaking practice exams, in as close to the original environment of the test, will help your body and mind prepare for the actual test date. Time your practice exams, and place yourself in a quiet environment to replicate the actual test taking factors, to feel comfortable and confident on the actual test date.

Removing Anxiety

Anxiety can make even the brightest students fall short on standardized exams. Learning how to calm test taking anxiety can help your scores. Simple breathing exercises prior to the test, as well as eating a good breakfast, and getting a full night’s sleep can help calm the nerves and help your perform.

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