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Support for Students’ Math Skills

Math entails a variety of skills and concepts that rapidly build on each other and are combined within higher level math problems. When students are lacking in one concept or skill, that compounds on itself and makes the majority of math curriculum inaccessible to them, even if they have other math proficiencies. It is vital to support a conceptual and practical understanding of fundamental math skills for students to succeed in math. 

Math Support at La Jolla Learning

There are a variety of ways that we support math fundamentals at La Jolla Learning. We offer traditional academic instruction that we supplement with strategies to help students’ specific learning styles and needs, and we also have math intervention programs that focus on the use of multi-sensory methods to engage students in the learning process and make abstract concepts concrete and easier to comprehend.

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Math Support

Students struggling with math may have an underdeveloped understanding of math concepts like how numbers correlate to quantities, and what math operations like addition truly symbolize. We offer lessons that help students strengthen their fundamental math skills and apply those skills to grade level problems. We also have a math intervention program that thoroughly addresses number sense and comprehension of mathematical operations.

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Customized Learning Plans

La Jolla Learning creates individual learning plans for all students. We take into account previous educational experience and interventions, personality, academic strengths, and skills to support. Our administrative team regularly collaborates with instructors to ensure that learning plan goals are being met.

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La Jolla Learning offers a few different assessments to ascertain students’ areas of need and learning style. Our MindPrint assessment will ascertain what type of reasoning skills your student is thriving in, and what reasoning skills need support. Instructors adapt their teaching methods to suit the learning strengths of your student to help them become successful mathematicians!

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Our programs are designed to complement the student’s classroom curriculum and supplement any necessary instruction through individual attention. Whether it be test prep, learning difficulties, or academic advising, our team of experienced and trained educators will support you and your child every step of the way.

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Math Fundamentals Support