Our Process

One-on-One From Beginning to End

Our process is simple: we work alongside you. With effective communication from the start, together we assess, personalize, and educate according to the strengths and areas of need we identify together. La Jolla Learning not only provides support for student goals, it helps to illustrate what to expect throughout each stage of our personalized one-on-one program.

Step 1

Contact & Share

Fill out our Get Started form online to help us better gauge your child’s needs. Our team of educators will reach out to answer any questions you may have, determine any consultations or assessments your student may need, and schedule weekly sessions.

Step 2

Records Review

Help us better gauge your child’s needs by filling out the New Student Questionnaire. Our team will review your child’s educational history and current challenges to determine strengths, areas for improvement, and educational goals.

Step 3

Create & Match

 Our education specialists create a personalized learning plan to suit your child’s needs. We then match your child with an experienced educator best equipped for the assigned plan and schedule.

Step 4

Progress & Results

With each completed session, your child’s educator delivers a continual parent progress report. At the end of each three-month term, your child’s progress is evaluated to determine learning objectives for the new term (if needed).

“Our son knows how much he’s improved with support outside of school, and he looks forward to working with his tutor."

— Meredith Campbell (Mother) / Educational Therapy

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