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Education Therapy San Diego

La Jolla Learning’s educational therapy in San Diego is more than just tutoring support for your child. With educational therapy in San Diego, we strive to bridge the gap between children with learning disabilities and their peers.

From dyslexia to dysgraphia, our educational therapy/special needs tutors are experienced and sensitive to these learning challenges. So, when choosing La Jolla Learning’s educational therapy in San Diego, know that your child is getting the best environment to learn and grow!

Learning Disabilities We Specialize In

Dyslexia (reading disorder)

Dyslexia is a neurological learning disability wherein the affected individual faces difficulties in reading and spelling. They are especially unable to understand the phonological component of language and may struggle with motor coordination, concentration, and mental calculation.

That’s when our special needs tutor can use one of the various approaches proven to help overcome the challenges of dyslexia. Some of the approaches are the Lindamood Bell, Orton-Gillingham, Structured Literacy, and more. As such, educational therapy in San Diego helps your child learn basic school concepts through direct and multi-sensory methods.

Dysgraphia (writing disorder)

Dysgraphia affects an individual’s writing and fine motor skills, and the disability can be divided into three types – motor, spatial, and dyslexic. While there is no proven cure for dysgraphia, educational therapy in San Diego and special needs tutoring can help children.

Our tutors are adept at improving the symptoms of dysgraphia through cursive writing practice, repeating simple hand movements, etc. 

As such, La Jolla Learning’s educational therapy in San Diego is a must for students with dysgraphia to excel at school. So, sign up for a FREE consultation today.

Dyscalculia (mathematics disorder)

If your child struggles with basic math calculation, they may be suffering from a learning disability in math known as dyscalculia. Note that the difficulties in the subject are much more severe than those faced by students who may be comparatively weaker in class. Plus, the condition may degrade the individual’s emotional well-being as they tend to blame themselves for being “stupid.”

That’s when educational therapy in San Diego can help your child by employing specialized learning strategies. Our experts will go back to basics and teach math in a multisensory way while keeping anxiety at bay, as that is a disorder in itself. If coupled with learning disabilities, the child’s suffering will increase manifold, making them unable to catch up with the real world.


Children who have ADD and ADHD are easily distracted, struggle with following instructions and paying attention, often lose personal belongings, and more. Here, parents must note that though both the terms ADD and ADHD are often used interchangeably, they are different disorders causing different symptoms. 

ADD or attention deficit disorder is an archaic term to describe the inattentive type of ADHD. On the other hand, the term ADHD denotes attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and is used to describe both hyperactive and inattentive types.

Like other learning disabilities, ADD/ADHD also needs a holistic approach to treating the child. While your doctor may prescribe psychostimulants or other medication, educational therapy in San Diego will help children express their bottled emotions, worries, fears, etc. 

In the long run, this type of specialized tutoring can help manage the behavioral symptoms of ADD/ADHD and make them capable of performing day-to-day tasks.

Personalized and Support Tutoring

As mentioned earlier, our educational therapy in San Diego aims to provide holistic improvement in your child. This is so that they excel not only in class but also become competent adults later in life. Hence, we believe in effective communication with the students and their parents, so you know exactly how the child is progressing. 

While tutoring, we work along with you to assess, personalize, and educate your child to help them unleash their hidden potential and achieve their goals. 

We start educational therapy in San Diego by understanding your child’s needs through an online form filled out by parents. Accordingly, we reach out to you to clarify doubts, schedule tutoring sessions, and more. Then you’ll be required to fill out the New Student Questionnaire to help us analyze your child’s educational history. This will help us better understand their strengths, weaknesses, and educational goals while tutoring.

After that, we’ll assign a suitable educational therapy/special needs tutor to your child and formulate a personalized tutoring plan. The tutor will provide a progress report to the parents upon request at the conclusion of each session. Consequently, by the end of a three-month term, they will evaluate your child’s progress and establish learning objectives for the following term (if needed).

San Diego Educational Support Areas

Critical thinking skills are essential to perform better in school and later in life. But fostering these skills can become a Herculean task when it comes to students with special needs. Starting early, though, can help inculcate critical thinking; hence, our tutoring follows an interactive, consistent, and motivational approach. 

At La Jolla Learning’s educational therapy in San Diego, we encourage students to think creatively and make justified interpretations by asking simple yet logical open-ended questions. Slowly, we enhance their problem-solving skills, which is an important aspect of critical thinking.

Executive functions include memorizing, paying attention to instructions, planning, and multitasking – all of which are areas where students with learning disabilities tend to struggle. Hence, when we conduct educational therapy in San Diego, we encourage students to break the task/problem at hand into smaller steps and think aloud!

Moreover, our tutors are adept at using visual models to relay instructions in a more interactive way. They may use videos, images, audio, and more while tutoring to help students with special needs understand information, recognize what needs to be done, and set goals.

Similar to the previously mentioned support areas, our tutors use visual models while inculcating math reasoning and calculation skills among students. 

Our tutors offering educational therapy/special needs tutoring in San Diego involve visual representations (pictures and real objects) and real-life problems. This allows students to approach a math problem realistically without feeling the pressure of “doing well” or catching up with their peers. 

Moreover, our tutors are experts at making the child feel comfortable in their own skin and encourage them to solve problems and achieve goals at their own pace.

Students with learning disabilities struggle to comprehend any written matter. Hence, educational therapy in San Diego is essential for your child to improve in comprehension questions and perform better in class. 

To achieve this, our educational therapy in San Diego tutors use different strategies to help students understand a given story, pick important information, identify themes, and more. One such approach is by encouraging the use of “story grammar,” wherein the student can recognize the main character, the action, and the outcome of the narrative. 

When it comes to tutoring expository text, which is usually more difficult to understand than fiction, students are familiarized with the main idea of the text. Then the tutors help students read the comprehension questions, guess the answer, and read the text again to find correct answers.

Private tutoring is the most beneficial for students with dyslexia, even if they get specialized reading instruction in school. Hence, enrolling your child in educational therapy in San Diego is necessary for helping them read fluently and solve problems.

Our tutors will help students get familiar with the shape of letters, associate them with sounds, and build words by using a multisensory approach. We also focus on different hand movements while tutoring to form commonly confused letters like b, d, and p.

Children suffering from dysgraphia can benefit from our tutors of educational therapy in San Diego. This is because our tutoring methods focus on structured literacy, wherein the tutors teach oral and written language in a direct and more logical way. Besides ensuring that concepts and skills are taught explicitly, the tutors routinely check in on the students’ understanding to ensure they don’t fall behind.

Some of the key concepts of our educational therapy/special needs tutoring are phonology, orthography, morphology, syntax, syllables, and semantics. Note that nowhere in between will the child be reprimanded for a wrong answer or not answering within a specific time frame.

About La Jolla Learning's Special Needs Tutors

At La Jolla Learning, educational therapy in San Diego is taken up by experienced tutors boasting teaching credentials and degrees. Apart from specific subject matter, our educational therapy/special needs tutors pay close attention to the child’s behavioral patterns and encourage their underlying learning skills.

Hence, our educational therapists specialize in addressing challenges faced by students with learning disabilities, such as reading, writing, math calculations, spelling, etc. Being in the tutoring industry for more than a decade, we can assure you that with La Jolla Learning, your child is in good hands!

San Diego Educational Therapy FAQs

Here are answers to a few of our most frequently asked questions:

Educational therapy in San Diego helps students of different calibers progress individually and unleash their learning potential. The tutoring style is personalized according to your child’s unique needs and encourages students to be independent, self-confident learners.

Children with learning disabilities and special needs may not find instructions in school enough to understand concepts. That’s when a little assistance with tutoring and educational therapy in San Diego can help them compete with their peers and excel in school. 

When a regular teacher is unable to understand learning disabilities and a doctor cannot help them academically, an educational therapist brings the best of both worlds for your child!

Yes, at La Jolla Learning, we employ tutors with certified teaching degrees only. After all, we take pride in our decade-long track record of teaching students, and we’d like to maintain that. So, no high school and college students are welcome to our staff!

Yes, we believe that great minds do not think alike! Hence, besides educational therapy in San Diego, we offer individualized education programs to meet the varying needs of students. With individualized instruction, our tutors help students understand classroom concepts, complete their homework, and shine in school!