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Educational Therapy at La Jolla Learning

La Jolla Learning’s educational therapy is more than just tutoring support for your child. When supporting a student at La Jolla Learning, we look at the individualized needs of every student that comes through our doors. Educational therapy differs from tutoring in that the programs and approach are prescriptively chosen to ensure that remediation is the main focus in sessions. We use research-based methods and programs to ensure that our students are being taught in a way that their beautifully unique brains will learn. With our educational therapy programs, we strive to assist every student in reaching their fullest potential.

We Specialize in Learning Differences for:

Children Who Struggle with Reading Fluently

Does your child:

  • have a diagnosis or likelihood of having dyslexia?
  • struggle to sound out unfamiliar words?
  • spell inconsistently?
  • appear to be guessing while reading?
  • have a spoken vocabulary that’s higher than their reading ability?

Did you know that 80-90% of students with a reading disability are dyslexic? Whether or not your child has a diagnosis of dyslexia or not, the multi-sensory and structured approach that we use at La Jolla Learning has been proven to support struggling readers and spellers.

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Children Who Need Support to Comprehend What They Read

Does your child:

  • read fluently but struggle to make sense of what they’ve read?
  • have a hard time understanding main ideas and supporting details of what they’re reading?
  • have difficulty answering comprehension questions that they cannot directly find in the text (such as inference and critical thinking questions)?
  • appear to be reading to just finish assignments and resist engaging in deeper comprehension strategies?


Reading comprehension gets more and more complex as students move through grade levels. It’s not uncommon for students to be very skilled and fluent readers but lack the skills to visualize and make meaning of what they read. Our instructors use visualization tools to help students create a whole picture of texts and use their imagery to form solid connections between texts, themselves, and the world around them.

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Children with Great Ideas Who Get Lost in the Writing Process

Does your child:

  • have a hard time getting thoughts on paper?
  • feel overwhelmed by the writing process and how to approach a prompt?
  • have difficulty staying on topic or organizing their thoughts?
  • resist revising or editing their work?


The writing process is a complex set of tasks that involves a variety of skills like prioritizing, critical thinking, and even fine motor skills. Having success in writing requires having strategies and adaptable approaches to get thoughts on the page, whether that be the simple sentences asked of first graders or complex multilayered sentences that are required in high school. Our instructors help students make the writing process a concrete experience with support and structure to ensure independent writing success.

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Children with Gaps in Their Math Foundation

Does your child:

  • struggle with basic math calculation?
  • follow rote procedures without understanding the underlying concepts?
  • mix up or flip numbers?
  • have difficulty solving word problems?

Struggles in math often manifest when students are expected to take a calculation and apply it to real life situations, like in word problems. Once a student can no longer solely rely on memorized math facts and steps, their difficulties with math come to light and should be addressed so that they can excel. We provide students with one-on-one multisensory support to target foundational skills so that students can succeed in their grade level and beyond.

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Children Who Have a Hard Time
“Getting Things Done”

Does your child:

  • have strong potential but fail classes due to lack of follow through?
  • struggle to initiate tasks or lose interest quickly?
  • have a hard time estimating how long assignments should take and find themselves running out of time to prepare?
  • tend to be disorganized in both their physical environment and their approach to schoolwork?
  • struggle to focus, follow directions, and handle emotions?


Executive functioning is the set of skills that acts as our ‘management system’ and is necessary to successfully accomplish tasks and succeed on assignments, tests, and projects. Struggling with executive functioning is not a diagnosis or learning disability but can interfere with learning and overall success in both school and other areas of life. At La Jolla Learning, we break down these skills and support students in developing strategies that can be reinforced by parents and schools to help students reach their full potential.

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