La Jolla Learning Webinars

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Q&A with Matt Storey & Kayla

Listen in as Kayla Flores, Executive Director of La Jolla Learning, asks some of the most common questions asked by our La Jolla Learning families to San Diego’s Special Education Attorney, Matt Storey.

Building Confidence & Independence with Assistive Technology

Gain priceless knowledge surrounding Assistive Technology from Katie Larew, Founder of Assistive Technology for Dyslexia, LLC.

MindPrint – An Understanding of How Your Child Learns Best through LJL’s Newest Screener

Join Neill who has been running tutoring companies for the last thirty years and is now the Chief Tutoring Officer for MindPrint Learning – a cognitive assessment that helps you to understand how your student learns best and what to do about it. 

Is your child a visual learner or possibly you have read the report that they struggle with working memory. What even is working memory and how does that impact them as a learner? 

This webinar shares information on the core domains of executive functions, complex reasoning, memory, and speed and how these can impact (positively and negatively) your child’s learning.

Join our Executive Director, Kayla Flores, as she shares the science behind what makes reading so difficult and the evidence-based practices that can change your child’s life. “Even with over 15 years as a special education teacher, it wasn’t until my son Samuel was identified with dyslexia that I truly began to understand the why behind struggling readers.

Watch one of La Jolla Learning’s wonderful parents, Danielle Ward-Hynes, share her family’s journey and the resources they have used to become more aware of their son’s emotions and how you can use Social Emotional Learning in every aspect of your life.