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Educational Support for Students with Dyslexia

Students with Dyslexia may feel overwhelmed with tasks that involve reading and spelling. Struggling to read may result in schoolwork that does not accurately reflect students’ abilities since they are spending more time trying to sound out words than understand what they are reading. Students of all ages may be struggling to read and we are here to offer support to students struggling to read regardless of age! La Jolla Learning believes every student should have the opportunity to learn strategies that will make reading accessible and impact their academic and personal success for the rest of their lives.

How La Jolla Learning Supports Dyslexic Learners

La Jolla Learning strongly believes in teaching reading and spelling using a structured literacy approach to help students build skills and confidence. Starting with the most foundational components, our instruction continually progresses to introduce more advanced concepts with the goal of helping students become fluent, confident readers and spellers.

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Structured Literacy

Structured literacy is a teaching approach developed by the International Dyslexia Association, aimed at improving oral and written language skills. It is grounded in the science of reading and uses Orton-Gillingham techniques to teach the most basic concepts first, progressing students through the rules of the English language at their own pace. The approach includes phonology, sound-symbol, syllables, morphology, syntax and semantics components.

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Customized Learning Plans

La Jolla Learning creates individual learning plans for all students. We take into account previous educational experience and interventions, academic needs, and personality when creating learning plans, and we have an assessment called MindPrint that helps us identify students’ academic strengths and skills to support. Our administrative team regularly collaborates with instructors to ensure that learning plan goals are being met.

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La Jolla Learning offers parents an affordable and reliable dyslexia screener. The Neurolearning Dyslexia Screener was designed by dyslexia assessment experts to determine an individual’s risk or likelihood of dyslexia. Its nine subtests imitate an expert assessment process by measuring four basic processing features known to contribute to dyslexia risk, and two reading achievement skills that typically develop more slowly in individuals with dyslexia.

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Our programs are designed to complement the student’s classroom curriculum and supplement any necessary instruction through individual attention. Whether it be test prep, learning difficulties, or academic advising, our team of experienced and trained educators will support you and your child every step of the way.

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