Our programs are designed to complement the student’s classroom curriculum and supplement any necessary instruction through individual attention. Whether it be test prep, learning difficulties, or academic advising, our team of experienced and trained educators will support you and your child every step of the way. With continual progress updates and communication between parents and educators, choose a solution we know that works.

Our Programs

Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching

Our Academic Coaching program offers individualized instruction to support your student in all of their academic endeavors. Our coaches can help your child comprehend key concepts from their classes, complete their homework, and get ahead in school.

Educational Therapy

Educational Therapy

We offer a multitude of evidence-based educational therapy programs to target your student's specific learning challenges. Our instructors support children with Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, ADHD/ADD, and many other neurodiverse Learners and provide them with one-on-one instruction to strengthen their abilities and help them achieve their goals.

Executive Function Coaching

Executive Function Coaching

Executive Functioning is a significant factor in students' success. Our Executive Function program can be added onto other learning plans or can be a standalone program to help your student succeed in the classroom and beyond.

ISEE Test Prep and Private School Admissions Advising

ISEE Test Prep and Private School Admissions Advising

The private school admissions process can feel overwhelming, but our instructors are here to help your student navigate it with confidence and ease. Our admissions advisers offer support for private school application essays and interviews to help your student have the best chance of getting into the best private schools in San Diego.

La Jolla Learning Supports Dyslexic Learners San Diego, image of a kid reading.

Dyslexia Support

Students with Dyslexia may feel overwhelmed with tasks that involve reading and spelling. Struggling to read may result in schoolwork that does not accurately reflect students’ abilities since they are spending more time trying to sound out words than understand what they are reading. Students of all ages may be struggling to read and we are here to offer support to students struggling to read regardless of age! La Jolla Learning believes every student should have the opportunity to learn strategies that will make reading accessible and impact their academic and personal success for the rest of their lives.

La Jolla Learning Supports ADHD and ADD, san diego. Image of a brain with ADHD chalk drawing

Executive Function and ADD/ADHD Support

Executive functioning, also referred to as the “the many skills and processes it takes to get things done,” impacts every area of life. Whether it be doing laundry or studying for a final, many students find planning ahead, organizing their time, and focusing, to be overwhelming. Students may have a strong aptitude for academics but are not able to translate that into academic success because they are struggling with how to manage their time and organize accordingly. Students with ADD/ADHD tend to have executive functioning struggles. Learning strategies to manage their academics more efficiently can lead students to succeed and increase their confidence in their independent skills.

Math Fundamentals Support in San Diego, image of young girl doing math on a chalkboard

Math Fundamentals Support

Math entails a variety of skills and concepts that rapidly build on each other and are combined within higher level math problems. When students are lacking in one concept or skill, that compounds on itself and makes the majority of math curriculum inaccessible to them, even if they have other math proficiencies. It is vital to support a conceptual and practical understanding of fundamental math skills for students to succeed in math.

Writing Support at La Jolla Learning in San Diego, image of a young girl writing on notebook

Writing Support

Writing spans many genres, meaning there is a wide variety of writing tasks that students are asked to complete throughout their academic careers and beyond. From summarizing to crafting arguments, writing is a complex skill that involves many processes. It is important to offer students instruction in the different ways writing can be approached and provide strategies that break writing down into subtasks that are easier for them to comprehend and approach without feeling overwhelmed. The instructors at La Jolla Learning can help students with making writing an automatic (and even enjoyable!) process.

Reading Comprehension Support in San Diego, image of two middle school kids reading books.

Reading Comprehension Support

Reading becomes more complex and challenging as students progress through school. Beginning around 3rd grade, students are expected to read to learn, as opposed to learning how to read. As expectations for reading and listening comprehension intensify, some students are left feeling lost and overwhelmed because they haven’t been taught strategies to help them process information effectively. They may be stronger in visual or spatial reasoning and need individualized support to succeed with language-based instruction. Sometimes students need practice with strategies like annotating text and periodically summarizing, and other times they need more intensive reading support to help them with the more fundamental aspects of reading comprehension, both of which we can do!