Academic Assessments

Assessments can aid students in maximizing their potential that would otherwise be left undiscovered. Through our assessments, you and your child can learn more about their strengths and where they need to improve.

Secure a better understanding of your child’s present levels and current needs by choosing one of the following assessments.

Academic Assessment, image of kids working on school work with tutor coaching them.

Assessments We Offer

Get a clear picture of your child’s strengths and weaknesses and develop an academic support plan to integrate various skill areas. At La Jolla Learning, we use the Pearson assessment known as the Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement (KTEA-3) to provide norm-based, concrete data to parents.

*Specific skills can also be assessed upon request.

A. The Full Academic Skills Assessment Is Recommended For:

  • Students who have not been previously evaluated or have out-of-date testing (3+ years)
  • Students who received inconclusive testing and require clarity for an effective support plan

B. Assessment Areas:

  • Reading Decoding, Fluency, and Comprehension
  • Oral Language and Listening Skills
  • Writing and Spelling
  • Mathematics
    • Math Calculation and Math Problem Solving

C. Psycho Educational Evaluation:

  • We also partner with Psychology 360 to diagnose and treat learning disorders.

Obtain an understanding of the likelihood that your child’s challenges at school are a result of dyslexia. This screener provides a total dyslexia score showing your overall risk of dyslexia-related challenges. The results give six dyslexia subscale scores showing the results on 4 key mental functions that underlie dyslexic reading and spelling challenges (phonological processing, working memory, naming speed, visual attention) and 2 reaching achievement skills. Parents will receive a complete report of scores and explanations, along with individualized recommendations regarding instruction, accommodations, remediation, and/or need for additional assessment.

A. The Dyslexia Screener Is Recommended For:

  • Students who have been identified as potentially having dyslexia
  • Ongoing reading and spelling concerns
  • Students who reading/spelling abilities do not match their overall cognitive ability

B. Assessment Areas:

  • Subword Processing
  • Working Memory
  • Naming/Retrieval Speed
  • Visual Attention
  • Word Level and Passage Level Reading

MindPrint is an objective measure of your student’s accuracy and speed on nine puzzle-like tasks that identify learner variability in the cognitive skills most closely associated with performance in academics and on standardized tests.

A. The MindPrint Assessment Is Recommended For:

  • All students!
  • Students starting individual tutoring sessions

B. Assessment Areas:

  • Complex Reasoning
  • Executive Functions
  • Memory
  • Processing Speed

Are Academic Assessments Required?

Academic assessments are always beneficial for students, no matter their performance in school. If a child particularly needs educational counseling and academic tutoring, an academic assessment can help them identify which areas they should pay additional attention to.

If the child simply requires tutors and has a clear outlook on the areas they must focus on, an academic assessment is not as necessary. Nonetheless, it’s advised to schedule an assessment as it offers a comprehensive outlook on aspects of a child’s strengths and weaknesses that may require detection.

La Jolla Learning Supports Dyslexic Learners San Diego, image of a kid reading.

The Benefits Of Academic Assessments For Tutoring

Academic assessments aim to provide students with greater clarity of their intellectual feats and aid in boosting their morale. This further increases their confidence and academic performance. The benefits of academic assessments extend beyond students, as they help tutors adjust their tutoring to help students better understand their learning requirements.

After all, it would be difficult to overstate the importance of clarity in one’s mindset while learning and receiving tutoring. Schedule your child’s academic assessment today!