San Diego Academic Assessments For Tutoring

An academic assessment can aid students in maximizing their potential that would otherwise be left unharnessed in school. Through our academic assessment, your child can learn more about their strengths and where they need to improve.

Our tutors at La Jolla Learning aim to aid children in improving their academic performance in school by creating a customized learning plan according to their academic assessment. As an esteemed tutoring center, our tutors ensure personalized learning plans that accommodate each student’s unique learning style and offer periodic feedback reports for continuous progress.

Secure a brighter future for your child and schedule their MindPrint academic assessment today!

Types Of Academic Assessments

The MindPrint academic assessment series comes in several varieties to further increase the effectiveness of pinpointing a student’s intellectual development. These include complete academic skills assessment and psychoeducational evaluations.

The MindPrint academic assessment program is segregated into the following subcategories:

The Full Academic Skills Assessment is focused on creating a tailored academic support plan. This academic assessment aims to determine which subject your child is drawn to and which areas need tutoring. Get a clear picture of your child’s academic strengths and areas for growth through our individually administered in-depth assessment.

A. San Diego Full Academic Assessment Is Recommended For

MindPrint academic assessment is recommended for a student who has yet to be evaluated or has received out-of-date testing from school.

Given the potential standard disparity of other learning institutions, some tests may yield inconclusive results that could compromise your child’s tutoring plan.

B. Our Academic Assessment For Tutoring Subject Areas

MindPrint utilizes the latest testing methods to form the academic support plan for effective tutoring. These testing methods cover various subjects, as detailed below:

I. Math Assessment

A math academic assessment focuses on measuring your child’s affinity towards learning and understanding the concepts of the subject. Math assessments offer a comprehensive outlook on the student’s ability, allaying any misconceptions that may delay their tutoring.

II. Language And Listening Assessment

Language and listening assessment is a testing method that determines your child’s ability to understand a language by ear. Once your child has completed the test, you will be provided with a summary of their proficiency in the language. Our tutoring plan will then target the areas your child require to focus on accordingly.

III. Reading Comprehension Assessment

Comprehension is the foundation of all learning. With our reading and comprehension academic assessment, our tutors can determine your child’s ability to process and understand a passage suited for their skill level. This is followed by a series of questions by our tutors related to the text that provides a decisive picture of their comprehension.

IV. Writing And Spelling Assessment

Writing and spelling skills assessment gives the tutors a definitive, quantitative idea of your child’s ability to communicate coherently while writing. Depending on their skills, your child will be tasked with writing a passage by our tutors.

This screener provides a total dyslexia score showing your overall risk of dyslexia-related challenges. The results give six dyslexia subscale scores showing the results on 4 key mental functions that underlie dyslexic reading and spelling challenges (phonological processing, working memory, naming speed, visual attention) and 2 reaching achievement skills.

A diagnostic to gain an in-depth understanding of your child and how they learn best. MindPrint was developed by neuroscientists at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. It is an objective measure of a student’s accuracy and speed on nine puzzle-like tasks that identifies learner variability in complex reasoning, executive functions, and memory, the cognitive skills most closely associated with performance in academics and on standardized tests.

Are Academic Assessments Required?

Academic assessments are always beneficial for students, no matter their performance in school. If a child particularly needs educational counseling and academic tutoring, an academic assessment can help them identify which areas they should pay additional attention to.

If the child simply requires tutors and has a clear outlook on the areas they must focus on, an academic assessment is not as necessary. Nonetheless, it’s advised to schedule an assessment as it offers a comprehensive outlook on aspects of a child’s strengths and weaknesses that may require detection.

The Benefits Of Academic Assessments For Tutoring

Academic assessments aim to provide students with greater clarity of their intellectual feats and aid in boosting their morale. This further increases their confidence and academic performance. The benefits of academic assessments extend beyond students, as they help tutors adjust their tutoring to help students better understand their learning requirements.

After all, it would be difficult to overstate the importance of clarity in one’s mindset while learning and receiving tutoring. Schedule your child’s academic assessment today!