Summer Boot Camp for Structured Literacy

Every student is expected to show some regression when they walk into school each fall after their summer break. State standards account for it, curriculums are built with an initial review in mind, and teachers spend the first couple weeks not only reviewing school rules, but also academic material that was taught the year previously. This thin cushion is just enough for some, but what if you have a child that cannot afford to regress at all because they are already behind?

Bridge the Learning Gap and Empower Students with Effective Reading Strategies

During the summer, that imaginary bar that shows where your child is expected to be, remains stationary, unlike during the school year when it seems like the more progress your child makes, the bar is heightened just as much. That learning gap can sometimes feel nearly impossible to fill and research proves the later we wait to give students the support the need, the longer it will take to improve that given skill. Summer intervention allows your learner to progress towards that expectancy bar, while it stays in place.

At La Jolla Learning, we recognize this advantage point, which is why we are offering our first ever Structured Literacy Summer Boot Camp. Structured Literacy is a term used to describe Orton-Gillingham based methods that are used to successfully teach reading to 95% of students. Structured Literacy instruction is systematic and cumulative, explicit and diagnostic. Through this effective method we are able to target all areas of literacy, including phonology, sound-symbol association, syllables, morphology, syntax and semantics. We equip students with the knowledge behind why we read words the way we read them and why we spell them the way we spell them. We do not drill memorization of words, we empower students with strategies to attack unknown words and decode them successfully.

Boost Your Child’s Literacy Skills This Summer

Skill improvement requires the right type of practice and consistent practice. Dedicating several hours of research-based proven reading and spelling instruction over the summer will set your student up for success this upcoming school year. Instead of working about that slight regression on top of an already steep mountain to climb, your student will be ahead of their game and enter the year, narrowing the gap towards the bar of expectancy.

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