How to Improve Your Child’s Learning at Home

The process of learning – and growing – is one of ups and downs. Kids with learning disabilities or a lack of interest in school can suffer the frustrations of homework to an even greater extent. As a parent, our desires to ease their suffering can lead to feelings of helplessness, wanting to solve their immediate problems. Below are some strategies that can help improve your child’s learning at home and lay a foundation for effective coping methods when problems flare up.


Let Your Child Get Frustrated

Part of the challenge when students are having academic problems is that communicating their difficulty with the subject matter or feelings of failure when receiving poor grades is hard at a young age. Allow your child to feel these feelings and express them but respond to them from a calm place of patience and understanding. This teaches them how to ask for support and proactively be their own best advocate.


Identify How Your Child Learns Best

Learning your child’s style of learning can go a long way in predicting what subjects he or she will need support in later on. At La Jolla LearningWorks, our assessments address differences in learning styles and help us coordinate an individualized program to suit the student’s specific needs. Knowing your child’s learning style can help you offer the right style of support and reinforce his or her learning strengths.


Help Your Child Learn Organization

When your child has a quiet, organized, appropriate place to do homework or study, it lowers the distractions and gets their mindset in the right place. Set a time to have them declutter study desks weekly to start the process of studying and learning with a clear mind. Create a checklist your child can use to help establish a routine for the steps needed to get organized. For younger children, limit the list to 4-5 steps and include clipart images for each step.

At La Jolla LearningWorks, we offer support for students and parents. Working collaboratively with parents, teachers, and supporting professionals, we ensure consistent reinforcement of the student’s individual goals, and give you progress updates to keep you as involved in the student’s continual growth.

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Looking for More Support?

Our programs are designed to complement the student’s classroom curriculum and supplement any necessary instruction through individual attention. Whether it be test prep, learning difficulties, or academic advising, our team of experienced and trained educators will support you and your child every step of the way.

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