Homework Strategies: How to Help Your Child Succeed

Helping your child take care of homework can be a frustrating job for both of you, and unfortunately, it can lead to stress for your child or issues at school. It’s difficult for many kids to be responsible enough to handle all the work that comes their way, especially right after they move into a new grade, so it’s important to help them get organized and free of distractions. Creating an area for your child to do his work every day is a great start.

It’s also important to stay in touch with his teachers and find out what they’re looking for, especially at the beginning of the year, so you’ll have a good idea of how best to help your child get ahead. Getting into a routine will also help both of you figure out how to get everything done without feeling rushed, which can lead to anxiety.

Keep reading for some great tips on how to help your child be successful during the school year.

Set Up a Quiet Space

It’s imperative to set up a quiet space where your child can complete his schoolwork. Whether it’s in the basement away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the family or at a desk in his room, your child needs an area without distractions where he can focus on the job. Make the area comfortable and consider allowing him to listen to music, as studies have shown that this can increase concentration. Make sure he’s not thirsty or hungry, as that can be a huge distraction.

Talk to his teacher

Keeping communication open with your child’s teachers is important; the more involved you are in what he’s learning, the easier it will be to help him succeed. It will also show him that you take his education seriously, which will help him do the same. If you feel your child needs some extra attention in class or is falling behind, schedule a conference and find out how you can help.

Learn While You’re Having Fun

One of the best ways to help your child appreciate learning is to help him have fun while he’s doing it. Look for interesting learning opportunities at home and outdoors, such as building a greenhouse to learn how things grow, camping out, creating a treasure hunt, or bird-watching. These are also great ways to motivate your child to get his homework done, so don’t be afraid to let him know what fun awaits him once he’s finished. Encourage your child to start a nature journal so he can keep track of all the cool things he sees and finds.

Get Organized

When you’re unorganized, everything is twice as hard. Teach your child the benefits of getting — and staying — organized so that he’ll be prepared to get his work done. This means keeping all things school-related in one spot, keeping a daily planner where he can write down assignments, and going over the day’s work with you so you’ll understand where he is with his classwork. Getting organized can reduce stress for both of you and allow you to create a workable routine.

Helping your child stay successful in school is a big job, so keep your own mental health in mind during the school year in order to reduce stress. Take a time-out when you need one, and make sure you allow your child to do his own work. It may be tempting to jump in when he’s having trouble, but he’ll never learn if you don’t let him work it out.

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