7 Ways to Prevent Summer Slide

On May 7th, our Executive Director hosted a webinar titled, 7 Ways to Prevent Summer Slide. (If you would like to watch the recording of this webinar, you can do so HERE). Kayla wanted to offer parents ideas on how to engage every type of learner, across many different content areas and circumstances.

Here are the 7 Ways to Prevent the Summer Slide:

  1. Target Trouble Spots – Summer can be prime time to fill learning gaps. The bar of expectation that steadily rises throughout the school year is paused, students do not have to balance homework on top of this additional support and learners will gain a new level of confidence to begin the upcoming school year.
  2. Interest-Based Camps – Continue to stretch your student’s abilities and continue learning momentum by enrolling in interest-based camps. We all love to learn more about topics that we are interested in, meaning students will be naturally motivated to attend and participate in the activities. 
  3. Allow Opportunities for Creative Writing – Using funny picture prompts, controversial topics, or no prompt or guidance at all, allow your writer’s to fall back in love with just expressing themselves through written words. 
  4. Reward Daily Reading – Reading needs to be a non-negotiable and here are some ways to avoid resistance: read aloud to your child, allow them to re-read favorites (this supports reading fluency), offer interest-based stories and audio books are just as effective if you have a struggling reader.
  5. Give the Answer – They Create the Problem – Working a situation backwards, such as giving the learner the math problem and asking them to create the word problem, not only gives a fresh vibe, but it allows a deeper understanding of the concept. 
  6. Take Learning Outside – There are many benefits of outdoor learning, including mood improvement and increased concentration. This could look like building tallies with sticks and practicing spelling with a paintbrush and water on a safe sidewalk.
  7. 21/90 – It takes 21 days to form a habit and 90 days to create a permanent lifestyle change. Use the summer to develop executive functioning habits that will turn into permanent, positive lifestyle changes.

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