La Jolla Virtual Academy

Our virtual academy is a private virtual school that offers 1:1 and small group classes. We follow CA state guidelines and offer individualized support that is often not available in the traditional classroom.

With personalized programs, innovative learning techniques, and passionate educators, our virtual academy helps children develop skill sets to improve their academic performance. This is especially impactful for students who are being left behind in the classroom and need targeted instruction to support their success.

After a complimentary consultation with our director, our admin team identifies your child’s learning challenges and creates a personalized learning plan to help them reach their full academic potential.

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Why LJVA is the School for Your Child

Our school philosophy is to provide students with individual support that focuses on meaningful, interactive learning. Similar to brick-and-mortar schools, we follow a schedule with dedicated time to each subject but we are unique in that we tailor our approach to suit each learner.

Many traditional schools have rigid expectations that exclude non-traditional learners from showing and building upon their many talents. We offer all of the core academic classes such as science, social studies, math, and English language arts. With dedicated time each day to focus on children’s social/emotional growth and well-being, our school provides a well-rounded curriculum that focuses on the whole child.

While our academy is a virtual setting, there are opportunities for students to collaborate with others just like they would in a traditional school. Our annual virtual talent show, diversity fair, and science fair give our students a chance to showcase their progression and talents and learn from other students. These events have been the highlight of the school year for our instructors, students, and parents.

If you are worried that your child isn’t accessing learning effectively or that their self-confidence is suffering due to struggling in a traditional school setting, set up a complimentary consultation with our director to discuss if LJVA is the right fit for them.

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About La Jolla Learning

Providing personalized tutoring sessions for more than 10 years, La Jolla Learning is one of the industry-leading California k12 virtual academies you can rely on for quality education. 

Despite being a virtual academy of San Diego, our mode of education is in no way inferior to traditional school settings. 

At La Jolla Learning, every child gets individual attention from our expertly trained instructors focused on quality online learning.

From k12 online schooling options to ISEE test prep, La Jolla Learning has got you covered with almost every school program for kids to improve or excel in academics. We welcome children with learning challenges and help them hone their skills and improve their abilities. 

With personalized lesson plans, certified online teachers, and one-on-one online sessions, you can rest assured your child will develop the reasoning and analytical skills to help them soar high.

California Virtual Academy FAQs

Here are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions on our California k12 virtual academy:
Unlike a brick-and-mortar school, our California k12 virtual academy instructors explain each and every topic and proceed to the next only when your child has thoroughly understood the previous lessons. Rest assured, we shall give your child extra time to master concepts or polish skills if needed. Additionally, students attend classes through digital devices online and complete assignments and homework at their pace, unlike in a traditional in-person San Diego school.

At our California k12 virtual academy, we don’t design a “one-size-fits-all” school curriculum for students, no matter the grade they study in. Instead, employ customized lesson plans for a variety of courses and programs that fit each student’s educational requirements and goals. Whether you’re looking for a traditional academic track or something more specialized for your child, La Jolla Learning has got you covered.

Every child sees the world differently and has their own perspectives about life. Instead of using outdated school lesson plans, our team prepares personalized online curriculums for every student to provide individual attention, so enroll now! 

Absolutely! All California k12 virtual academy teachers are accredited and hold advanced teaching degrees from esteemed institutions. Every teacher at our San Diego institution boasts years of teaching experience and is passionate about teaching students academic concepts online.

We design online curriculums focusing on the needs of every child to ensure their holistic development while studying in a remote environment. So, you need not think twice before enrolling with La Jolla Learning, the best California k12 virtual academy in San Diego.

Enroll now in our California k12 virtual academy to help your child discover their potential! At La Jolla Learning, San Diego, the online fall semester is yet to start, so you can contact us for more information on enrollment.