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Getting top marks for AP English without a San Diego English tutor is not impossible. However, with an experienced San Diego English tutor’s guidance, students can accurately read, write, and analyze more complex rhetorical passages.

AP English is a college-level course for 11th and 12th graders, giving them a glimpse of what an English major would typically learn in college. The course is further divided into two categories – AP English Language and Composition, and AP English Literature and Composition.

As the name suggests, lessons in Language and Composition include drafting and revising written content, interpreting literary pieces, evaluating a source of information, gathering relevant information, and writing evidence-based arguments. It is introduced in 11th grade and cultivates an understanding of rhetorical arguments, reasoning and organization, and more.

With Literature and Composition, an introductory college-level course for 12th graders, our San Diego English tutors focus on characters, structure, setting, perspective, literary analysis, and figurative language. Hence, the lessons include interpreting text, drawing conclusions, making arguments, and identifying techniques used by the author.

From interpreting historical literature to writing evidence-based arguments – our English language tutors use research-based techniques and programs to help your child perform better in class and achieve their academic goals.

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La Jolla Learning's AP English Exam Prep

Learning is a personalized and interactive process with our San Diego English tutors. So, from start to finish, we work with parents to make the tutoring program a holistic experience for the students. Plus, our lessons are designed according to the student’s curriculum while adding that extra push for them to stand out in class and excel in the AP English exam.

Our tutoring process starts with a simple questionnaire for both parents and students. The responses help the La Jolla Learning team match the student with a suitable San Diego English tutor. The tutor will then formulate a personalized English language tutoring plan according to the student’s strengths, challenges, goals, and learning style.

This individualistic approach of our San Diego English Tutors makes the lessons more effective. As a result, students grasp complex concepts efficiently and eventually score a perfect 5/5 on AP English exams!

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The Benefits of Working With La Jolla Learning Foreign Language Tutors

Besides personalized private tutoring for AP English language and literature, we offer lessons in various subjects, test preps for private school and college admissions, educational therapy, and more. Since our San Diego English tutors carry the required teaching credentials and degrees, you can rest assured that students will get the best support and guidance.

Also, we have qualified tutors for teaching foreign languages. For instance, you can enroll your child in Spanish language lessons, and our tutors will not just teach the language but also immerse them in the culture of Spanish-speaking countries.

Like our San Diego English tutors, our foreign language instructors regularly inform the parents about their child’s progress. At the end of each tutoring term, they will evaluate the student’s progress and plan the new term (if needed) accordingly.

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