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Executive Functioning Support for Students with ADD/ADHD

Executive functioning, also referred to as the “the many skills and processes it takes to get things done,” impacts every area of life. Whether it be doing laundry or studying for a final, many students find planning ahead, organizing their time, and focusing, to be overwhelming. Students may have a strong aptitude for academics but are not able to translate that into academic success because they are struggling with how to manage their time and organize accordingly. Students with ADD/ADHD tend to have executive functioning struggles. Learning strategies to manage their academics more efficiently can lead students to succeed and increase their confidence in their independent skills.

Executive Functioning Support for Students, image of a young student working on homework.

How La Jolla Learning Supports Students Struggling with Executive Functioning

Using the MindPrint Learning diagnostic, we are able to identify executive functioning skills that are strengths, and also those that are potential blockers, which can prevent our learners from being the best they can be. Because we believe no two minds learn alike, the strategies and tools that we equip our students with are individualized to their own way of learning. It is about working smarter, not harder, and the way to make learning as accessible as possible, is to understand how the student learns best and what, if anything, could be blocking that learning. Using the Boost YourSELF Course through MindPrint, we help students create consistent habits that help them stay in tune with homework deadlines and test dates and support them in planning and using time accordingly. We also address strategies to study efficiently and effectively in ways that will be engaging and impactful to students, and more!

Empowering Student Success:
Executive Functioning and Personalized Learning Strategies

We offer several options to customize your child’s executive functioning learning plan.

Option 1:

Executive Function with Academic Support

If you are primarily looking for schoolwork support with an overview of executive functioning strategies, this is the best option!

Program Details

  • The MindPrint assessment will be administered during the first session.
  • The Student Learner Profile will be reviewed.
  • After this initial session, students are supported with planning, organizing, and finding successful approaches to tests and assignments.
  • The majority of each session will be spent on classwork support with Executive Function instruction as time permits.

Option 2:

Executive Function

If you are primarily looking for your child to understand what executive functioning is and learn individualized strategies, this is the best option!

Program Details

  • The MindPrint assessment will be administered during the second session.
  • The Student Learner Profile will be thoroughly explored in each lesson.
  • After this initial session, students work through the BOOST YourSELF Curriculum. For a more specific breakdown, see the BOOST YourSELF Course Outline below.
  • The majority of each session will be Executive Function instruction with classwork support if time permits.

An Updated Approach through
MindPrint’s Boost YourSELF Course

MindPrint is a diagnostic to gain an in-depth understanding of your child and how they learn best. MindPrint was developed by neuroscientists at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania and objectively measures students’ accuracy and speed on nine puzzle-like tasks. Performance on these tasks identifies learner variability in complex reasoning, executive functions, and memory, which are the cognitive skills most closely associated with performance in academics and on standardized tests. MindPrint created an executive functioning program that utilizes their diagnostic test to specifically target students’ obstacles and help them learn the skills and strategies to succeed in school.

Beginning with the MindPrint diagnostic, LJL instructors are able to understand why a student is struggling in school and what specific executive functioning strategies to teach them based on their individual MindPrint results. The program truly encompasses individualized instruction, allowing students to develop self-awareness in how to use their strengths during difficult learning moments. Self-management cannot happen without self-awareness, so this is exactly where we begin.

Using MindPrint’s Boost YourSELF Course, we integrate an array of tools including instructional videos, engaging activities, and reflective journal activities. This combination not only enhances students’ awareness of their learning styles but also helps them develop and apply critical executive functioning skills. By focusing on strategies that resonate with each student, we ensure a learning experience that is both effective and impactful, aiding them in overcoming their executive functioning challenges and creating productive, consistent habits for managing homework, projects, and test preparations. 

Boost YourSELF
Course Outline

  • How the Brain Works & Understanding Your Student Learning Profile
  • Memorizing for Efficiency
  • Thinking Flexibly
  • Homework: Organizing Your Way to Success
  • Focus! Paying Attention in Class
  • Reading: Managing Challenging Texts
  • Math: Using Your Strengths in Problem Solving & Word Problems
  • Pacing: Finding Your Balance
  • Test Taking: Optimizing Your Success
  • Self-Awareness

Watch a sample of one of the lesson videos!

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