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Executive Functioning Support for Students with ADD/ADHD

Executive functioning, also referred to as the “the many skills and processes it takes to get things done,” impacts every area of life. Whether it be doing laundry or studying for a final, many students find planning ahead, organizing their time, and focusing, to be overwhelming. Students may have a strong aptitude for academics but are not able to translate that into academic success because they are struggling with how to manage their time and organize accordingly. Students with ADD/ADHD tend to have executive functioning struggles. Learning strategies to manage their academics more efficiently can lead students to succeed and increase their confidence in their independent skills.

How La Jolla Learning Supports Students Struggling with Executive Functioning

At La Jolla Learning, we believe that with the right tools and strategies, all students can overcome their executive functioning obstacles. Our approach is to assess what areas of Executive Functioning are a struggle for students and create lessons to target the areas that need support. We also help students create consistent habits that help them stay in tune with homework deadlines and project and test dates and support them in planning accordingly. We also address strategies to study efficiently and effectively in ways that will be engaging and impactful to students. 

La Jolla Learning Supports ADHD and ADD. Image of a brain with ADHD chalk drawing

Executive Functioning

Our Executive Functioning program targets essential life skills such as learning style awareness, planning ahead, breaking tasks into chunks, emotional awareness, setting goals, and time management. With consistent practice in sessions, students learn to make habits for themselves that will lead to success.

Customized Learning Plans

La Jolla Learning creates individual learning plans for all students. We take into account previous educational experience and interventions, academic needs, and personality when creating learning plans, and we have an assessment called MindPrint that helps us identify students’ academic strengths and skills to support. Our administrative team regularly collaborates with instructors to ensure that learning plan goals are being met.


La Jolla Learning offers a few different assessments to ascertain students’ areas of need and learning style. In addition to MindPrint, our Executive Functioning program also includes an assessment to obtain baselines and monitor progress as students work through the programs. The Executive Functioning assessment measures response inhibition, working memory, emotional control, sustained attention, task initiation, planning/prioritizing, organization, time management, and flexible thinking.

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