Fall Sessions

Our 2023 Fall Sessions are now available!

Keep Students On Track Over the Fall.

School may just be starting but it is the perfect time to build an academic support system that will help your student thrive for the whole school year. La Jolla Learning can help! Whether you want to help your child fill in learning gaps or take their learning to the next level, we can create a custom learning plan to meet their needs. We offer many curriculum options including structured literacy to help struggling readers, math skill instruction for all grade levels, and executive function support. We also provide test prep to provide guidance to students applying to private schools and colleges. Contact us to find the best fit for your child today!

What We Offer

Customized Learning Plans

La Jolla Learning creates individual learning plans for all students. We take into account previous educational experience and interventions, academic needs, and personality when creating learning plans, and we have an assessment called MindPrint that helps us identify students’ academic strengths and skills to support. Custom fall programs are our speciality!

Collaborative Communication

Communication is key at La Jolla Learning. Our instructors send regular email session reports to keep you updated on your child's performance. These can be shared with teachers and other supporting professionals. Our administrative team regularly collaborates with instructors to ensure that learning plan goals are being met and provides you with support when you need it.


La Jolla Learning offers a few different assessments to ascertain students’ areas of need and learning style. Our MindPrint assessment will identify what type of reasoning skills your student is thriving in, and what reasoning skills need support. We also offer a dyslexia screener, psychoeducational evaluation, academic skills assessments, and more!

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Our programs are designed to complement the student’s classroom curriculum and supplement any necessary instruction through individual attention. Whether it be test prep, learning difficulties, or academic advising, our team of experienced and trained educators will support you and your child every step of the way.

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