Executive Function Summer Program

Summer for most kids is about sleeping in, staying up late, vacations, camps, and lasting memories. Because of this, important executive functioning skills like time management and organization are probably the last things on their mind!

However, what if you dedicated just a few days of your child’s upcoming summer to focus on these executive functioning skills – could it make a difference in their upcoming school year? The answer is yes! 

This summer at La Jolla Learning, we are offering a 4-day, small group, accelerated executive functioning course. Your child will take away empowering information that can change the course of their next school year from the start. 

To know if this would be the right fit for your learner, let’s take a deeper look into modules that will be covered.

Personalized Learning with La Jolla Learning

La Jolla Learning has built a reputation around our dedication to provide personalized services and this holds true even for our executive functioning program. At the start of the program we will use the results of the MindPrint Learning diagnostic to teach your student their unique styles of learning. They will gain insight on how they learn information best, how they remember information best, and how they organize information best. This will allow them to take a strength-based approach to school and access content more efficiently. After your child understands their own learning profile, they will learn the strategies that work best with their learning style.

Using your child’s MindPrint and corresponding strategies, the following executive functions will be introduced:

Memorizing for Efficiency

Focus on using your stronger memory skills so you can memorize more easily. What is the difference between visual and verbal memory? You will understand how using your stronger memory skill (verbal or visual) can increase efficiency in learning new information and preparing for a test.

Thinking Flexibly

Focus on flexible thinking- this is your ability to adjust and move forward when you are given a new direction, assignment, or perspective or there is an unexpected change. Sometimes you might get stuck and find it hard to move forward if the direction or problem is different from what you expected or wanted. 

Homework: Organizing Your Way to Success

Focus on some tried and true homework strategies that tend to be helpful for everyone – these include organization and time management strategies that can help with homework efficiency.

Focus!: Paying Attention in Class

There will always be classes you find less interesting and where your mind wanders more frequently. This lesson will help you identify a personal motivator to think about when you’re losing focus so you put in the effort to refocus (Yes, focusing requires effort!). You will also learn to recognize when your mind starts to wander, or your “signals,” so you can use a few quick tricks that will help you regain focus.

Reading: Managing Challenging Texts

Reading is one of the most important skills that we use to learn in every class on a daily basis. This lesson will ensure that you have the strategies you need to get the main idea and key details out of your reading when it gets challenging.

Math: Using Your Strengths in Problem Solving

Focus on identifying how you understand and problem solve in math best, and then what strategies will help you use that strength when you are confused by a concept or stuck on a homework assignment. It’s important to realize that math is more than equations in a book or correct answers. It is also about problem solving, patterns, and number and spatial relationships in all areas of life.

Math: Part 2: Word Problems

Ensure that you have the strategies you need to tackle word problems, even the most challenging ones. Word problems often make students fall into a trap of looking at the numbers and quickly trying to solve the problem and be done with it. Students often don’t pause to make sense of what the problem is asking and use their reasoning skills to know where to start and how to solve it. So even when given a problem that makes no sense, students have been programmed to start solving before they use their reasoning skills to understand what the problem is really about.

Pacing: Finding Your Balance

This lesson is about finding your own personal balance between speed and accuracy, which is called efficiency, and how and when to make trade-offs based not only on how you work best, but also the context.

Test Taking: Optimizing Your Success

There are strategies you can use to get better at taking tests. This lesson is about dealing with those types of very common problems like drawing a blank, or going too fast or too slow, so you can always show your best work.

Course Reflection: Self-Awareness

Reflecting on How I Can Be My Best – The goal of this final reflection is to help you think about what you’ve learned about yourself throughout the course as well as come away with 1-2 solid strategies that you plan to use going forward.

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