How to Determine if Your Child Requires Special Education Supports

How to Determine if Your Child Requires Special Education Supports, image of students working in class together

When your child seems to be struggling academically, it can be difficult to determine why, and what level of supports are required to help get him/her back on track. Things become more confusing when you can feel your child is having difficulties, but the school doesn’t seem to see the same issues or concerns. You […]

Applying for College with Learning Differences

Applying for College with Learning Differences, image of a young female student in class standing up with notes in her hand

The college search process can be a daunting task for any student, but even more so for a student with a learning challenge. Parents are often worried about how colleges will view their students’ grades and test scores in light of a learning disability, anxiety, depression or ADHD. As Independent Educational Consultants, we suggest that […]

Homework Strategies: How to Help Your Child Succeed

How to Help Your Child Succeed, image of a young student taking notes

Helping your child take care of homework can be a frustrating job for both of you, and unfortunately, it can lead to stress for your child or issues at school. It’s difficult for many kids to be responsible enough to handle all the work that comes their way, especially right after they move into a […]

Why Students Can’t Grow without a Growth Mindset

Why Students Can't Grow without a Growth Mindset, image of a young female student studying

Have you ever heard your child insist, “I’m bad at reading,” “I’m just not good at spelling,” or “I’ll never be able to be good at math?” When I was in high school, I used to claim that I would never be good at math. I felt like I never understood what we were learning […]

Prevent Summer Brain Drain!

Prevent Summer Brain Drain!, image of a young child looking up

“Brain drain,” or summer learning loss, is the phenomenon in which students fall back on what they learned throughout the year during their summer break. According to studies from the National Summer Learning Association, kids lose as much as two to three months of math and reading skills over the summer! 
Teachers can recognize this […]

How to Improve Your Child’s Learning at Home

How-to-Improve-Your-Child-Learning-at-Home,-la-jolla-learning,-san-diego-tutoring, image of two kids at home studying

The process of learning – and growing – is one of ups and downs. Kids with learning disabilities or a lack of interest in school can suffer the frustrations of homework to an even greater extent. As a parent, our desires to ease their suffering can lead to feelings of helplessness, wanting to solve their […]