California Virtual Academy

Thanks to its perfect combination of structure and freedom, more parents prefer taking a different approach to their children’s schooling through California K12 virtual academy. Unlike traditional schools, California K12 virtual academy makes learning fun and interactive through focused and individualized teaching. 

Flexibility is another aspect that has made millennial parents turn to our California K12 virtual academy, as their kids can attend sessions at a more convenient time. With personalized programs, certified educators, and flexible timings, La Jolla Learning’s California K12 virtual academy helps children develop skill sets to improve their academic performance. 

La Jolla Learning’s California K12 virtual academy identifies your child’s learning challenges and creates a personalized learning plan to help them reach their full academic potential.

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Personalized Teaching Based On Your Child's Needs

”Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.” We couldn’t agree more with this quote from Albert Einstein, as not every child learns at the same pace in school. 

In a brick-and-mortar school where teachers focus more on completing the syllabus, children often fail to grasp basic concepts of geometry, algebra, grammar, and other subjects. Instead of passing with flying colors, some fail to build a strong foundation on fundamental concepts in the early stages, making it more difficult for them to grasp more complicated topics as they progress. 

Notable for providing personalized learning plans for students of every grade, La Jolla Learning is passionate about helping school children reach their full potential. Every online curriculum is designed to help children achieve their goals and build their strengths. We go beyond traditional school learning and ensure engaging sessions with innovative pedagogical methods. 

PowerPoint presentations, games, quizzes, and worksheets, are some of the tools used by our California K12 virtual academy instructors to make learning an enjoyable activity. Contrary to the rote learning method followed in traditional schools, our California K12 virtual academy tutors focus on meaningful learning that complements academics. 

Over time, school kids develop the skill sets that help them excel and pursue career opportunities they are passionate about. 

To enroll in our California K12 virtual academy, all we need is your filled-out online form specifying your child’s educational history, needs, and goals. 

Then, our California K12 virtual academy’s education specialists customize a learning plan that best suits your child’s needs. Our accredited and experienced educator will impart the highest-quality education and build confidence in a safe setting. 

Accredited Teachers Provide Individual Instruction

While some children thrive in classrooms, others struggle to keep pace with the lectures teachers deliver at school. Often, teachers consider the syllabus completed and proceed to the next course as long as the majority understands, leaving a few students confused. 

Compared to the traditional school method, tutors at our California K12 virtual academy in San Diego ensure the holistic development of children by leveraging their capabilities and skill sets. As a prestigious California K12 virtual academy, every one of our tutors is thoroughly vetted, fully accredited, and experienced in their respective fields. 

Our tutors at our California K12 virtual academy offer academic support and are skilled in bridging gaps that arise from dyslexia (reading disorder), dyscalculia (mathematics disorder), dysgraphia (writing disorder), and ADD/ADHD.

What’s more, our California K12 virtual academy educators work collaboratively with the homeschool network of your child and you to develop personalized plans to open doors for their future. Many school children get anxious, frustrated, or overwhelmed by seeing many students in their classes. So, they don’t respond well in school and stay aloof, hampering their productivity. 

If your child has trouble with numbers and equations, our California K12 virtual academy offers one-on-one classes for more personalized and focused teaching, especially fitting for students with anxiety. If your child is extroverted, our California K12 virtual academy also provides online classes for ten students where they’ll remain stimulated and driven.

The Benefits of Enrolling In La Jolla Learning Virtual Academy

Unlike other online academies, our California k12 virtual academy teachers are accredited and dedicated professionals from renowned institutions with proven teaching experience. 

At our California k12 virtual academy, your child won’t have to wake up at six in the morning and take classes half-awake as they do in a traditional school setup. That’s because we offer classes at flexible hours, so you can pick the slot that you find convenient. 

Through our online academy, children will enjoy learning through our teachers’ engaging methods like games, quizzes, stories, and other innovative ways. Our California k12 virtual academy tutors use a combination of written, tactile, verbal, and visual techniques to build varying skill sets. This way, your child will understand the concepts, master them and enjoy them thoroughly. 

Our California k12 virtual academy tutors are professional educators dedicated to helping your child improve their grades and shape their personalities online. Irrespective of whether your kid is in first or twelfth grade, our California k12 virtual academy educators are ready to help at every step, no matter their learning style. 

Unlike school education, our online tutors don’t rush to complete the syllabus. This allows your child to learn at their pace, ensuring a thorough understanding of the topic before advancing to the next concept.  

Schools and other online academies tend to have generic lesson plans with monotonous delivery, which may not be the most effective, especially for students with learning challenges. But, at our online academy, we adjust to your child’s learning style for optimal learning. 

Compared to school settings, our online academy offers a wide range of courses to choose from, allowing you to tailor your child’s education to their individual needs. 

Through California k12 virtual academy’s flexible and personalized learning experiences, our instructors can better meet each student’s needs. By tailoring the curriculum to fit the student’s unique learning style, we are able to provide a more customized and effective education. This approach has proven to be successful for many of our students.

The Best Teachers For Every Subject

Our California k12 virtual academy teachers are highly educated and experienced in helping students realize their full potential. Aside from teaching, they instill confidence, inspire them to perform better, and prepare them for life, which isn’t always possible in school. 

Our certified San Diego tutors have received special training in online instruction methods, so you can rely on us for quality education. We are experts in the field of online education, and we can help your child improve or excel in various subjects, including:

Decimals, fractions, algebra, calculus, statistics, or geometry– our California k12 virtual academy educators build a deep foundation for each concept by expanding students’ mathematical thinking and addressing learning gaps. 

Our primary focus for elementary students or those aged between 5 and 10 is to develop problem-solving tactics through hands-on addition and subtraction games or other online activities. 

After that, our educators move on to more advanced mathematical concepts taught in schools, such as multiplications, divisions, time, algebra (numerical expressions), and fractions. 

For students aged between 11 and 13 or those in middle school, our tutors introduce them to slightly more complex math disciplines, like patterns and variables, graphs, integers, and ratio proportions. 

Although high school students find statistics, calculus, geometry, and trigonometry tedious, our tutors can make even the driest mathematical formulas enjoyable. Our online tutors help them understand challenging mathematical concepts, break down complex topics into manageable pieces and apply them to real-life scenarios.

Dubbed the “universal language,” English is one of the most used languages globally, making it an essential tool for communication regardless of their future profession. 

Without an established understanding in the educational stages, mastering English grammar can be challenging without the proper foundation, given the many rules and exceptions to remember, even for native speakers.

Our California k12 virtual academy has a panel of English educators who make it easier to master a new language online. Aside from grammar, our school tutors aim to develop the skill sets needed for framing sentences, reading, and writing for students to succeed in our online school.

Learning science is necessary for every child because it helps them develop a better understanding of the world and enhances critical thinking and problem-solving skills. However, not every child may take an interest in such an exploratory subject or learn about its functions.

If your child is among those who find science boring, our California k12 virtual academy tutors can change their perspectives and help them see how interesting and how far the human race has advanced through it. Using real-world examples, our online educators can spark their interest and show them how the modern world would be without scientific developments.

In traditional school education, teachers race against time to complete the syllabus, so they teach topics as quickly as possible as long as the majority understands – not all. 

But online instructors at La Jolla Learning make history interesting through inventive pedagogical methods. That is to say, they use fun mnemonics to help children learn the dates of important events. 

Unlike traditional school settings, where teachers explain war, memorable events, and other historical scenes by reading them, our California k12 virtual academy online tutors use presentations. Therefore, your child will enjoy taking one-on-one history sessions at our academy.

With countries becoming more interconnected, learning foreign languages has become increasingly more important. 

Because of this, our California k12 virtual academy tutors excel in teaching foreign languages, so your child can learn them online without attending a traditional school. Whether your child aims to master French, Spanish, German, or Korean– we’ll make your child an expert in the foreign language you enroll for.

About La Jolla Learning

Providing personalized tutoring sessions for more than 10 years, La Jolla Learning is one of the industry-leading California k12 virtual academies you can rely on for quality education. 

Despite being a virtual academy of San Diego, our mode of education is in no way inferior to traditional school settings. 

At La Jolla Learning, every child gets individual attention from our expertly trained instructors focused on quality online learning.

From k12 online schooling options to ISEE test prep, La Jolla Learning has got you covered with almost every school program for kids to improve or excel in academics. We welcome children with learning challenges and help them hone their skills and improve their abilities. 

With personalized lesson plans, certified online teachers, and one-on-one online sessions, you can rest assured your child will develop the reasoning and analytical skills to help them soar high.

California Virtual Academy FAQs

Here are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions on our California k12 virtual academy:
Unlike a brick-and-mortar school, our California k12 virtual academy instructors explain each and every topic and proceed to the next only when your child has thoroughly understood the previous lessons. Rest assured, we shall give your child extra time to master concepts or polish skills if needed. Additionally, students attend classes through digital devices online and complete assignments and homework at their pace, unlike in a traditional in-person San Diego school.

At our California k12 virtual academy, we don’t design a “one-size-fits-all” school curriculum for students, no matter the grade they study in. Instead, employ customized lesson plans for a variety of courses and programs that fit each student’s educational requirements and goals. Whether you’re looking for a traditional academic track or something more specialized for your child, La Jolla Learning has got you covered.

Every child sees the world differently and has their own perspectives about life. Instead of using outdated school lesson plans, our team prepares personalized online curriculums for every student to provide individual attention, so enroll now! 

Absolutely! All California k12 virtual academy teachers are accredited and hold advanced teaching degrees from esteemed institutions. Every teacher at our San Diego institution boasts years of teaching experience and is passionate about teaching students academic concepts online.

We design online curriculums focusing on the needs of every child to ensure their holistic development while studying in a remote environment. So, you need not think twice before enrolling with La Jolla Learning, the best California k12 virtual academy in San Diego.

Enroll now in our California k12 virtual academy to help your child discover their potential! At La Jolla Learning, San Diego, the online fall semester is yet to start, so you can contact us for more information on enrollment.