7 Ways to Prevent Summer Slide

7 Ways to Prevent Summer Slide, image of kids on slide

On May 7th, our Executive Director hosted a webinar titled, 7 Ways to Prevent Summer Slide. (If you would like to watch the recording of this webinar, you can do so HERE). Kayla wanted to offer parents ideas on how to engage every type of learner, across many different content areas and circumstances. Here are […]

Boost YOURself Summer 2024 Bootcamp

summer-Tutoring-San-Diego, image of the beach.

Summer is the perfect time for students to enhance their organizational skills and prepare for the upcoming school year! We are excited to announce our Boost YOURself Summer Bootcamp, designed to help students unlock their full academic potential through tailored learning strategies. Why Join Our Bootcamp?☀️ Our program focuses on developing self-awareness and understanding of […]

Executive Function Summer Program

Executive Function Summer Program

Summer for most kids is about sleeping in, staying up late, vacations, camps, and lasting memories. Because of this, important executive functioning skills like time management and organization are probably the last things on their mind! However, what if you dedicated just a few days of your child’s upcoming summer to focus on these executive […]

Summer Boot Camp for Structured Literacy

Structured Literacy, girl reading a book on the couch.

Every student is expected to show some regression when they walk into school each fall after their summer break. State standards account for it, curriculums are built with an initial review in mind, and teachers spend the first couple weeks not only reviewing school rules, but also academic material that was taught the year previously. […]

EXPLORE! Tailoring Education to Foster Genuine Interest and Beyond

EXPLORE! Tailoring Education to Foster Genuine Interest and Beyond, image of kid looking through telescope

Have you ever had a lesson with a student or a project you helped your child with that left you feeling curious and intellectually stimulated? These lessons feel too few and far between — there are so many fundamentals and standards for students to learn these days that sometimes it feels like the love of […]

The Summer Slide: How to Maintain Your Child’s Academic Progress

The Summer Slide, image of two young girls reading a book outside.

Popsicles on the beach, swimming, and summer camps have probably been big topics at the dinner table as your child gets excited about summer. While summer is an important time for kids to recharge and have time to dive into other enrichment opportunities, it is also risky to take an extended period of time away […]

Private School Admissions 2023: Timeline and Tips

Private School Admissions 2023: Timeline and Tips, image of young kids working on their private school admissions application

As summer approaches, so does admissions season! As you start to consider the many premier private schools in San Diego,  it is important to consider what the admissions timeline looks like, especially if this is the first time you’re having a child apply to a private school. Click here to review our admissions info sheet […]

College Prep 2023: Tips for Application Essay Success

College Prep 2023: Tips for Application Essay Success, image of two teens writing their college essays

Writing college application essays can be an intimidating task for many rising high school seniors. On top of the anxiety about getting into the schools of their choice, application essays require an approach to writing that is a complete 180 from the academic essays students are typically asked to write throughout high school. In contrast […]

Morphology: Using Word Parts to Help Strengthen Reading Skills

Morphology: Using Word Parts to Help Strengthen Reading Skills, image of letters saying LEARN

There are many approaches to helping students strengthen their ability to sound out words and read fluently, a skill which is also called decoding.. Most reading programs designed to support students in decoding are called structured literacy (this is a topic we like to talk about OFTEN as it is one of our biggest passions […]


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